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Maintaining the overall condition of your carpet can be tough.
 This is especially true if you have pets and kids in the house. Clean Green Carpet is the best Manhattan Carpet Cleaners, we provide our customers with the best carpet cleaning experience and the most professional, environmentally-conscious carpet cleaning services.
There are many cleaning methods available to help you deal with this. Each cleaning method has its pros and cons.
Different cleaning methods are also used in different types of carpets. And, as cleaning technology continues to develop, carpet and rug cleaning methods are also becoming more advanced.
Now, there is a new type of carpet cleaning method used particularly for removing ground in dust.
The best carpet cleaning method is known as steam cleaning or also called deep cleaning.
This method is considered as the top most effective way of cleaning because it cleans 97% of the dirt and dust from the carpets.
It is the only way that reaches deep down into the lower layer of the carpet to clean it thoroughly.
Steam cleaning is one of the perfect and fantastic methods of dealing with the dirt or to fight against the stains.
When it comes to the best carpet cleaning, then what can be more beneficial than to clean deep inside? Steam cleaning is the number one choice if you want to clean your carpets from the depth.
It takes more time to dry because this method uses water heated to the very high temperature.
Mostly it depends on how well and efficiently the cleaner’s extraction system is and how thick the carpet is.
However, it usually takes almost 45 minutes to 1 hour.
But sometimes this process can take one day more.
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Why Choose Our carpet cleaning services manhattan

Still seeking for a trustworthy Carpet Cleaners Manhattan NY?

We are the premier Manhattan Carpet Cleaners.

  • We are the best Manhattan Carpet Cleaners.
  • We provide high-quality carpet cleaning services in Manhattan and Our staffs are highly trained and well-experienced in the art of carpet cleaning.
  • We use the latest equipment and cleaning products to ensure that your carpets are cleaned thoroughly and safely.
  • Our experienced and professional team will work quickly and efficiently to get your carpets cleaned in no time.
  • Our carpet cleaning service is competitively priced, so you can get great value for money.

Pre Spray Treatment Breaks Down Dirt in the soils

To start our process we apply a pre- spray treatment that helps remove stubborn dirt or spots with out green formula it also cleans better, smells fresher, and dries quicker

Extracting Dust, & Dirt

We Extract Dust & Dirt soiling in the carpet with soultions that are EPA Certified. This means no harmful residue left behind so it's safer for family & Pets

Results with Our Equipment

We clean using our latest state of the are Cleaning Equipment here at Clean Green we achieve high quality control and deliver good results to our customers

Preserve The Life of your carpet

To Protect your carpet from future spills or damages we can apply a protectant that assist in the prevention of damage from spots and stains

Enjoy Increased Durability

Our carpet Protectant also aids in everyday wear and tear high foot traffic areas

Great for Pets

Our carpet Protectant is great for pets as it preserves the carpet from pet odors and pet spots

Neutralize Odors from Kids & Pets

Kids and Pets create odors in your home that can become trapped in the soils of your carpets that's why we recommend our deodorizer

Odor Removal

Our carpet Deodorizer attacks any odors immediately neutralizing the smell

Fresh smell and feel

Our Deodorizer leaves your carpet smelling fresh and clean making your workspace or home feel brand new

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How we clean carpet

  1. Our cleaning crew will inspect the rooms you want cleaned and explain to you our different cleaning processes with you
  2. Then we will move as much furniture as possible
  3. We start our cleaning by pre treating the carpet to open up the fibers from the carpet
  4. We will use our Cleaning Machine to clean these machines pump out hot water and soap to release deep dirt within your carpet then we extract the water and dispose of the dirt
  5. Our Machines suck out and remove a significant amount of water so your carpet will be dry within hours
  6. We complete a final inspection with you to make sure you are satisfied with your clean carpet

manhattan carpet cleaners

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